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Misery Signals
Band members
Karl Schubach - Vocals Ryan Morgan - Guitar Stuart Ross - Guitar Branden Morgan - Drums Kyle Johnson - Bass


Misery Signals are riding high off of their recently released sophomore full-length, Mirrors, on Ferret Music. The album has received a deluge of critical acclaim and fan praise over the past months. Feature coverage and review galore including being named as Alternative Press’s 100 BANDS YOU NEED TO KNOW 2007 have yielded such quotes as and “Let’s face it: A lot of metal-roar-core acts don’t mix in Sigur Ros-esque ambient breaks within the kind of gut-wrenching boom you’ll find on the Signals’ recent disc, Mirrors.” Revolver who featured Misery Signals as a BAND TO WATCH described the band as “A relentlessly ambitious melodic, metal core band with a knack for exhausting members with their take-no-prisoners touring schedule.” Web media also rallied to the band’s cause saying “Everything on Mirrors is bigger and better than Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (itself one of my favorite metal core albums); the packaging, the production, the riffs, the density etc,” Digital and “Misery Signals are a band who like to test the perimeters of what is expected in 2006 and in turn, through a somewhat serpentine approach, the group escape much of the standard confines and pigeonholing”

The band, which is a fury in live performances mixing technical precision and heavy breakdowns with spacey, atmospheric parts have been touring relentlessly across the globe on this album. The band most recently finished up a national tour as main support for All That Remains and will also be accompanying them on a full European run. Leading up to that was a triumphant Australian tour with promises to return to the country soon and a featured spot on the Radio Rebellion Tour with Norma Jean and Between the Buried and Me. The band also plans to do a full headlining run of the U.S. this fall.

This album marks the introduction of current vocalist, Karl Schubach who has impressed everyone, including Alternative Press, who claimed that his “tone adds to the band’s already multivalent sound.” The band which includes Schubach, The Morgan brothers, Ryan (guitar) and Branden (drums) as well as Kyle Johnson (bass) and Stu Ross worked to the bone crafting an album that could top the heaviness of their debut Of Malice And The Magnum Heart (Ferret 2004) while still being progressive. Speaking on the significance of the title Mirrors Ryan explains “A lot of the songs ask questions about self and how people perceive themselves and the images that they present to others.” Like new age metallic surgeons Misery Signals carves through the cluttered heavy music scene and images to plant their flag in the sands of time.

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