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Frightmare Bio

Band members
Maniac Neil - Guitar, Vocals Grisly Adams - Guitar, Vocals Shadman Marz - Drums

death metal

Frightmare are a sharp and deadly Metallic force like no other! The band came together in mid 2002 when "Maniac" Neil Smith asked some friends if they would be interested in forming a new band. With the goal being to create the catchiest, heaviest most original hybrid of old school Death Metal, Grindcore, Punk and Thrash they could. The lyrical influence came from Neil's life long obsession with late 70's-early 80's Slasher films like The Burning, Friday the 13th, Maniac, My Bloody Valentine, Slumber Party Massacre and Sleepaway Camp. That same year the band wrote and recorded their first Slashterpiece appropriately titled "Midnight Murder Mania". "MMM" was released in the winter of 2003 with rave reviews from both magazines and fans. People noticed right away that these freaks didn't care about the current trends happening in heavy music and that they were all about writing ultra catchy, blood drenched METAL. Death Metal, Grindcore and Punkers a like all dug the "Stalk and Thrash Grind" that Frightmare achieved on "MMM". It was a breath of fresh air in the stagnant underground Metal scene. It was a reminder of the days when Slayer Thrashed, Terrorizer could grind like no other and Impetigo were the kings of GORE.

Frightmare took a break from 2003-2004 to with the various members concentration on their other musical projects. Then in early 2005 the four demented fiends got back together to write and record their second album titled "Bringing Back the Bloodshed". This time Frightmare upped the ante even more with an amazing production, even heavier razor sharp riffs, faster more precise blast beats and an insane quad vocal attack! "Bringing Back the Bloodshed" is the return of the Gore soaked Metal monstrosity! Fans of everything from Repulsion to the Misfits and everything in between will love this new CD!

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