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Vanmakt Bio

Band members
Gorgoth - Vocals Vladr - Bass Satygh - Guitars Aamoth - Guitars Gráal - Drums

black metal

Since Vanmakt is a 2-man band a decision had to be made regarding the fullentgh album. Should Vanmakt stay together as a 2-man band or should they find some other metalheads that wanted to join this rising act? Once again the decision was easy, Vanmakt called a couple of metal friends and asked them to join up. Aamoth and Graal were glad to be a part of Vanmakt and they did what they could to do a really good and amazing debut album. The debut album of Vanmakt called ”Vredskapta Mörkersagor” is now recorded and it sounds amazing! It’s hard, fast, brutal and filled with hatred! Now its time for the world to see what Vanmakt can do and now its time to spread the word about a new era of Satanic music!

Ave Satanas!

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