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The ambient noise level in New York City is close to 90 decibels, significantly higher than most urban centers. In order to make an audible statement in an environment like this, you need to turn up the intensity AND the volume. Jessica Vale's signature blend of rock music does both, it makes a statement and draws the listener in with pulsating instrumentation and breathy vocals.With the release of Brand New Disease (Explicit Records), due out on October 16th, 2007, Jessica is ready to 'infect' the masses. Brand New Disease is dark, loud, lush, and emotional. Jessica attributes its sound, in part, to her unique TriBeCa studio where it was recorded. "There aren't many places left in Manhattan like the building our studio is in," she says. "It's a self contained sub-culture, raw and, at times, frightening. It is a mix of artists who rent, artists who squat, and crazies who wander in and sleep in the staircase. We are trying to get as much art made there as we can before it's turned into condos." This slice of New York City decay makes appearances in the album art and videos too, as well as providing a venue for her live shows and parties.

The album is coming out to critical acclaim, "Vale is mesmerizing live! It's rare in this genre to find a voice that can be aggressive and beautiful all at once without the studio magic. Not only does she have it, she flaunts it with enigmatic lyrics and a NIN-esque sound." says METAL EDGE Magazine's Rosa Henriquez.In addition to her life in Gotham City, Jessica Vale drew from her extensive travels for this record. Most notably, a trip to the former Yugoslavia inspired the album's gut-wrenching ballad, "Night in Sarajevo." Jessica returned to shoot the music video in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Croatia's Dalmatian coast last summer. The dichotomy of being locally grown and internationally conscious is familiar to Jessica, who was born just outside of Philadelphia to a German father and an American mother and then set her sights on traveling the world. She is joined in her band by guitarist Ivan Evangelista of Zagreb, Croatia, bassist Matthew St Joseph of Connecticut and drummer Randy Schrager of New York City (who also lends his talents to The Scissor Sisters).

Jessica Vale has captured the attention of such significant media from her ground-breaking debut The Sex Album as the New York Daily News, Billboard, The Times London, Wired Magazine, Associated Press and shock jock Howard Stern recognized her as an original innovative artist. The singles from her past also have reached the Top 15 on the Billboard Charts.Jessica's vision knows no bounds, globally or creatively. A video producer as well, she has worked on projects for artists such as Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, The Four Horsemen and Francis Dunnery. She envisions Brand New Disease as more than just a sonic experience. "I see music and film as very intertwined," she says "I am never just working on one or the other. The films that go with each song are just as important as the song itself." While she name-checks everybody from David Lynch to Rob Zombie as kindred creative spirits, Jessica began her musical journey alone. Even her label, Explicit Records, was formed by Jessica and Ivan Evangelista in 2005 to be a "two man army" - a nod to the independent spirit of their sound. Perhaps not coincidentally then, David Lynch sums up the multimedia approach that Jessica takes in her creative process on The City of Absurdity site by saying "Every note of music has enough breath to carry you away and all you have to do is let the right wind blow at the right time." Brand New Disease is blowing your way now.

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