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Dark The Suns
Band members
Mikko Ojala - vocals & guitar Juha Kokkonen - keyboards Inka Tuomaala - bass Markus Lehtinen - drums


Heavy guitars mixed with beautiful piano melodies. Been there, heard that right? Surely this young finnish band haven´t invented a wheel again but making this old concept to sound this fresh and beautiful is truly an achievement.

Dark The Suns was founded as Mikko Ojala's solo project in 2005 in Valkeakoski. The first demo, Sleeping Beauty, was recorded later that year. The demo was selected as ”Demo of the Month” in Inferno Magazine. Since Mikko was unable to field a band to play the tracks, he recorded all instruments himself.

In the beginning of 2006 Dark The Suns settled to Jyväskylä and Mikko's one-man project grew to a full band when Toni Tuomioja joined the band as a guitarist, Juha Kokkonen as a keyboardist and Markus Lehtinen as a drummer. Since there were some difficulties in finding a bassist, Mikko decided to grab the bass.

Dark The Suns did only one gig until the line-up changed. Toni decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Mikko abandoned bass and took Toni's place as a guitarist. After a brief search, Inka Tuomaala was found to fill the empty spot of bassist.

Now that Dark The Suns had a stable line-up, band started to write new material and doing gigs. In August 2006 Dark The Suns entered Studio Dreamhouse for their second demo, In Darkness Comes Beauty.

In the end of October 2006, Dark The Suns was signed to Firebox. They started recording debut album on Dreamhouse at spring 2007, but due to several problems they changed the studio in the middle of everything to Watercastle. There they finally got things working just like they wanted. The album was mastered during August at Finnvox.

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