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Tharaphita Bio

Band members
Ank - vocals, guitar Benton - guitar Draconic - guitar Viking - bass Melu - drums

black metal

Tharaphita was born in the March of 1995, founded by ANK, who had been playing in underground metal bands since 1991. The goal of the members was to play music closest to their heart, combining black and heavy metal with elements from pagan folk music and to do it in a straightforward, plain and original manner. The same conception is still the essence of Tharaphita.

The original line-up was: ANK (vocals, guitar), MASSACRA (bass, synth) and A.X. (drums).

In the August of 1995 a debut demo "MUST VIIRASTUS" with 2 tracks was recorded, but the tape was spread in the circle of close friends only. The first studiodemo, "KUI VARJUD PÕLEVAD" (4 tracks, 23 min., 500 copies), was recorded exactly one year later in 1996.

After that DRACONIC (synth) and LEMBETU MARDUS (guitar) joined the band.

1997. Tharaphita gave numerous concerts and wrote some new material. A.X. left the band and was replaced by MELU. 1998. In April and May the new full-length material "RAEV" (6 tracks, 33 min.) was recorded. It was released as a CD but lack of funds limited the promotion and the number of copies. Yet the band got to play on many good concerts and festivals abroad, like DEATH COMES... festival in Lithiania with Hypocrisy (swe), Ruination (lit), Postmortem (ger) and the BALTIC THUNDER tour in all three Baltic countries with Skyforger (lat) and Zpoan Vtenz / Poccolus (lit).

1999. The band dedicated to writing new material, LEMBETU MARDUS left the band and was replaced by BENTON.

2000. The "RAEV" material was released in MC format under DANGUS PRODUCTIONS (lit). This year opened a whole new era for the band. In autumn the new material was finished and in winter the band entered the studio for the recording of the new album.

2001. Tharaphita finished studio recordings of the next album "TUMEDATE TUNNETE KÜTKEIS" (Bound by Dark Feelings) and is now looking for co-operation with all labels, distros and zines.

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