heavy metal

Scarpoint Bio

Band members
Henrik Englund - Vocals Zoran Kukulj - Guitars Alexander Nord - Guitars Eric Holmberg - Bass Erik Thyselius - Drums

death metal

Storming straight out of Sweden, Scarpoint delivers a fast and heavy sound riddled with fast drums and brutal vocals. Formed in early 2000 by frontman Henrik Englund and guitarist Zoran Kukulj, the band spent years stomping out sellout shows while their 2003 promo flew off shelves. Produced by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames), their debut LP, 'The Silence We Deserve,' is about to slam the metal scene with 10 enigmatic tracks like "Terminal Treachery" and "Behind the Shadows.' After honing their craft for 7 years, the experience is proven in their fresh new material- Scarpoint is ready to make a massive impact.

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