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Sick City
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Vocals - Ely Dye Guitar - Adriel Garcia Drums - London Bass - Brady Guitar - Milo

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City Sleeps, the newest addition to the Trustkill roster, comes fully armed with powerful melodic hooks, the soaring vocals of front-man Ely Dye and a knack for writing adrenaline fueled rock songs meshed with the grit and technicality of post-hardcore.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, the band which includes Dye, Adriel Garcia (guitar), London (drums), Milo (guitar) and Brady (bass) had started as City Sleeps a little over two years ago. Touring nationally and building a buzz from the underground up, the band had turned the ears of some heavy industry types who began courting the band early on. A stunning example of this is when City Sleeps was contacted by John Feldmann, the multi-platinum producer who had discovered such bands as The Used and Story Of The Year asking to work with them. Even before securing a label, this pro-active band flew to L.A. to work on what was to become their definitive sonic statement. Speaking on the result, Feldmann readily admits that ‘Not An Angel’ is his finest work to date. Sharp comments on their work with Feldmann saying “He pushed all of us to the brink of exhaustion and brought out things in us that we didn’t think were there. That is the mark of a great producer.”

With a top rate full-length completed, the band next cut a video for the song ‘Prototype’ with Nathan Cox and Zach Merck who have directed videos for HIM, Queens Of The Stone Age and Marilyn Manson. With one piece of the puzzle missing, the band returned to the road when they were contacted shortly thereafter from Trustkill Records. Speaking on City Sleeps new home, Sharp says “Trustkill and Josh (Grabelle, President) understand us and we think the label is one of the most credible independent labels in the business.” Look for tour announcements shortly and the release for ‘Not An Angel everywhere on October 9, 2007.

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