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Revenant Dead Bio

Revenant Dead
Band members
WEST - Vocals AYDIN - Guitars DAHMER - Bass THEO - Drums


Revenant Dead formed (2004) in a derelict Birmingham lockup with the aim of creating the band they always wanted to see and hear.

Revenant Dead have defined their sound by combining a vast range of elements including rock ’n’ roll, progressive-rock, thrash and death metal. In a nutshell, the sound of Revenant Dead can be described as heavy, ferocious, technical and catchy.

The band started gigging the local scene under a pseudonym and rapidly increased their status. Their intense stage performances caught the attention of regional promoters; soon thereafter, the band were performing festivals and headlining events.

Vocalist, West has a wide vocal range and effortlessly switches between screaming and melodic hook lines. The riffs derive from Aydin’s flawless guitar playing and are dually fired up by the bass undertones of Dahmer. The band’s backbone is courtesy of Theo, who’s speed and technicality is unmatched by many in the industry.

Revenant Dead have released their full-length debut album ‘Imperial Rape March’. The album will feature ten exclusive tracks, including the first single ‘Jailhouse’.

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