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Ashes of Your Enemy Bio

Ashes of Your Enemy
Band members
Shottie Tony Joey Matty Kevin


From the heart of NJ, during the frigid winter of 2005, emerged this five piece metal outfit. A band whose name alone underlines a fierce, uncompromising vision.

Ever since the closure of local acts Mudbox and Judge Drain, remaining members were brought together by the means of a shared concept. While digging deep into their metal roots, they began to structure and refine their sound. It was during this bitter cold season Ashes of Your Enemy was born.

In late 2005, Ashes of Your Enemy entered the studio with producer Max Illidge (40 Below Summer, Black Market Hero) to record a four song EP. Once released, it wasn’t long before their music began to generate a buzz among the music industry. They pounded the NJ/NY club scene to spread their brand of metal throughout the area, and word of their riveting, high-energy live performance began to circulate.

Now, one year later, the growth of the band has brought them to new levels. In December of 2006, Ashes of Your Enemy signed a worldwide multi-album deal with Crash Music Inc. Plans to begin recording their debut full-length is scheduled for March 2007. Ashes of Your Enemy are anxious to see what the future holds for them in the upcoming months as a new year unfolds.

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