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October File Bio

October File
Band members
Ben Hollyer - Vocals Matt Lerwill - Guitar Steve Beatty - Bass John Watt - Drums


The purpose of band biographies is to inform people about who we are and what we do…..we will try…without including the usual band biog bullshit of who left what to join and when they did it…boring…or even worse some bullshit ice cream crap written purely to tell you how great we are….best thing is to listen to October File and decide…boring but honest…October File - features 4 individuals – John Watt, Matt Lerwill, Ben Hollyer and Steve Beatty bassist . October File's sound - well imagine 4 people who really don't care what you think, don't care about trends, don't care about success - a band that is simply doing it because they want to and they can! Described as sons of Killing Joke, Big Black and Hardcore bands such as Boy Sets Fire - we are confused as you are. October File don't think they sound like anyone else but themselves.

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