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Enochian Crescent
Band members
Drakh Wrath (Janne Kuru) - Vocals Victor Floghdraki (Karri Suoraniemi) - Guitar, Vocals Mathias Pharmacist - Guitar Dr von Pfosforus - Bass, Vocals Black Vomit Bolton - Drums

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Enochian Crescent was formed in Finland in 1995 by Wrath (vocals) and Victor (guitar). They were soon joined by Generis (drums), Anshelm (guitar) and Harald (bass) and then played their first live show which led to a deal with local Woodcut Records. The following year they recorded the promo tape "Anno Bastardi" and their debut album, "Telocvovim". A month before the recording of the album Anshelm had left the band was had been replaced by Michael Apofis. In 1998 the band recorded the MCD "Babalon Patralx de Telocvovim" and were also signed to Avantgarde Music. In 1999 Generis left the band and was replaced by Grief of Black Dawn / ...and Oceans. The band then recorded their second album, "Omega Telocvovim", which was released in 2000. Michael Apofis also left the band along with Harald. In 2001 Mathias Pharmacist (guitar) and Dr von Pfosforus (bass) joined the band. Grief also left the band but was replaced by Black Vomit Bolton in 2002. During 2002 and 2003 four new songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered. Three of these songs shall appear on "Citizen Cain" as a part of the O.B.C. three-way-split album with Black Dawn and O. The fourth song "Spirit Murder" is bonus material for the upcoming re-release of the two long sold-out Avantgarde era discs entitled "Babalon Omega". In December of 2005 the long awaited O.B.C. album is finally out. The new full-lenght album Black Church shall be released in early 2006 to celebrate our 11th anniversary.

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