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Band members
Zahrim – Vocals / Guitars Dol – Drums Web – Guitars Joris - Bass

black metal

Our Essence In Blackened Purity
Panchrysia has been marching on these hellish playgrounds since the winter of 1998. 2 high quality demo-tapes, 'Nimisque Inhumane' & 'Exaltation', has brought them under the attention of Belgian companies. They've recorded for labels as LSP Company & Soulreaper Records, resulting in 2 excellent albums.
'In Obscure Depths' (2002, LSP Company), their first, positioned them as a talented newcomer. 'Malicious Parasite' (2004, Soulreaper Records) marked a step up to ultra-intense, uncompromising & fast black metal. Full of cold December chords, this album takes you on a journey through fear, desperation & aggression. In June 2006, Panchrysia released a split-album,‘The Ultimate Crescendo Of Hell’ (2006, Shiver Records) together with Belgian trashmates Iconoclasm.

Newborn Imperial Gospels
A new album, which will be entitled ‘Deathcult Salvation’, has been recorded during the wintermonths of 2006 and 2007. Drums and bass were recorded in november 2006 at the Belgian DUNGEON Studios. In January 2007, Panchrysia headed north to finish the recordings at the Swedish ENDARKER Studios.
Mixing and mastering were in the hands of producer Magnus 'DEVO' Andersson. His qualities ensured the deliverance of a well-balanced and powerful album. Additional vocals on this album were done by MORTUUS (Marduk/Funeral Mist) and Leen De Haes (Bint).

Lyricwise, Panchrysia is being inspired by many books, from Nietzsches ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Also sprach...’, over Joseph Conrads ‘Heart of Darkness’, from the Necronomicon to the holy bible, etc. All reflecting our vision on life, human nature, christianity and the modern world.

Live Aggression
The band has built up massive live-experience throughout the years. Touring through Europe has taken place with some of the greatest in the field. In June 2004, Panchrysia attacked France, UK, Holland, Germany & Switzerland together with MALEVOLENT CREATION. In September 2005, Panchrysia travelled through France, Spain and Portugal with MARDUK. Some others Panchrysia has played with on several occasions: Impaled Nazarene, Ancient Rites, Aborted, Aeturnus, Red Harvest, Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Carpathian Forest, Ragnarok, Exodus, Vader, Belphegor, Anorexia Nervosa, Kampfar, Enthroned, etc

Hail ... and welcome to our in-depth experience of pure black art !

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