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Parannoyd Bio

Band members
Brendan - Vocals, Guitar Nichole - Bass, Vocals Lamar - Drums, Percussion


PARANNOYD is a 3 piece original Thrash/Punk Mesh of Metal Mayhem hailing from Las Vegas, NV. Forming early 2007, storming thru Vegas clubs with Riff-o-matic wonder!

Brendan McAllister, Guitars & Vocals, is a 21 year old phenom from New York that has the “in your face” vocal stylings of a sarcastic poet on steroids. Brenden’s cookie cutter looks throw you for a loop when you hear the blistering and never ending guitar riffs and screamingly beautiful guitar solos.

Nichole “SuperNES” Shanefelter, Bass & Vocals, is a groove magnet & a drummer’s dream. She is always locked but will take you to the edge and drop you. Described as beautiful & dangerous, she is an east coast prodigy (Classically trained percussionist & vocalist) & she lays down the BOOM.

Lamar “Thunderstix” Little brings the power to the trio. A Chicago native, Lamar controls the speed and power, yet will pound you blistfully with polyrythms and double bass madness.

This is a band that won’t disappoint or be denied. PARANNOYD is the new face of Heavy music!

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