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Simon Says Bio

Simon Says
Band members
Matt Franks - Vocals
Zac Diebels - Guitar
Michael Arrieta - Bass
Mike Johnston - Drums


Formed in 2001 with the spirit and energy of a nuclear blast, Key To Arson became a band. Hailing from Sacramento California, these four men including Matt Franks(vocal), Zac Diebels (guitar), Mike Arrieta (bass) and Stixxx Maritch (drums) put together what they refer to as the sound of what the world needs, "BIG ROCK!" From mind to matter, Key To Arson bring forth melodic hooks with the driving force of aggro rock. Key To Arson's music represents definition, passion and pure heart. "We want to put the 'rock' back in 'rock n' roll" from the attitude, to the music, to the stage. We want to take over the world," says singer Matt Franks. To fully understand be sure catch Key To Arson live on tour all the time.

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