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In the seemingly short span of 3 years since their formation, Bring Me The Horizon has accomplished more in that time than most bands do in 10. In 2006, Bring Me The Horizon was the recipient of a KERRANG! Award for “Best British Newcomer” and held steady on Myspace’s top 100 list of most played bands, currently boasting a playcount of 4.2 Million plays.Bring Me The Horizon were only 1 of 2 UK acts to chart in the Myspace top 100 (the other being Coldplay). In addition, they’ve toured with bands such as Bleeding Through and Killswitch Engage and performed a show-stealing set at the UK's Download Festival.
Garnering much attention and acclaim for their UK and online exploits, Bring Me The Horizon is now ready to make waves stateside with their debut album, ‘Count Your Blessings’ being released on August 14th on Earache. Known for their technically beautiful, yet honestly brutal sound, the band’s widespread appeal has been swelling to a point of no return.
Bring Me The Horizon is being licensed to Earache through their UK home label Visible Noise and they could not be more thrilled about the deal. Julie Weir, the A&R director of Visible Noise says, “Bring Me The Horizon are an extreme and incendiary band, and where better for them to be released in the US than through the home of extreme music!!”
Earache Records US Label Head, Al Dawson believes that the band’s future now burns even brighter; “We are overjoyed to be given the opportunity to work with Bring Me The Horizon – They are one of the most talented extreme bands to come out of England in the last few years.”
It is only a matter of time until Bring Me The Horizon ushers in the New Era of British Extreme Music.
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