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Pandemic Bio

Band members
Andy Giardina - Vocals Julian Kidd - Guitar Patrick Daly - Guitar Luke Mcjesus Bass Eric Ford - Drums


Pandemic is a Sonoma County based progressive/thrash/metal band. Their style is a combination of traditional heavy metal, thrash and melodic death metal. Pandemic combines heavy down tuned guitars, technical drumming, dual guitar harmonies, power metal style vocals and Black/Death metal growls to create a unique style of their own.

Pandemic was formed in the summer of 2005 by drummer Eric Ford and guitarist Julian Kidd after the break up of their previous short lived project D.E.K. Immediately they began looking for a second guitar player, they were introduced to Pat Daly through a mutual friend. Pat, Eric and Julian had an instant chemistry and began writing new material with all three members contributing in the writing process. Starting to forge out their own style based on similar musical influences.
After several months of jamming it was time to search for a lead vocalist ,when they came across Andy Giardina (former Total Eclipse). Andy is able to utilize a number of vocal styles which made him a perfect fit for Pandemic. After working with Andy on a four song demo and finishing the lyrics for the remaining songs, the next task at hand was to find a bass player. Adam Herman a friend of the band offered to fill the slot.

With the line up secured and the four song demo completed, they began performing at various venues across California including, The Last Day Saloon, Spancky's, The Tradewinds, The Forestville Club, Clove Records Metal Barn, The 505 & The Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, CA!! After playing just over a dozen shows the band had already began to build a steady following.

In the summer of 2006, between a slew of gigs, Pandemic entered Prairie-Sun Studios in Cotati, CA to record their full length album "Infecting The World".
It was tracked in six days and mixed in two by Jason D'Otavio. Mastered on September 1st & 26th, 2006 by Juan Urtega at Trident Recording Studio in Pacheco, CA.
Watch out for it's release in late fall 2006 or early 2007!

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