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Pain Principle
Band members
Kevin "Bull" Bullock - vocals John Sutton - Guitar Mike Mazzonetto - drums Erik Payne - bass


... Despite being relegated to the underground, Pain Principle has made it presence known since it's inception in 1993. Not wasting any time, their debut recording, "LIVE WITH IT", hit the streets the very same year. Only 200 copies were ever made but that was enough for a strong start. In late 1994 the band recorded its second demo,"UNHAPPY HOUR" The release was well received by the underground press, with (then) bassist Brian Benson using his position as touring bassist for DEATH, on the "SYMBOLIC" world tour, to help distribute them worldwide.

Pain Principle carried on ,with a stand in bassist, during his absence, working on the songs that would become their first cd release, "UNTIL SOMEONE LOSES AN EYE." In early 1996 with all original members returning, the cd was released to the underground. It received glowing reviews in publications such as METAL MANIACS, ILLITERATURE, METAL HAMMER (Greece) ROCK HARD, HEAVY ODER WAS!?, IRON PAGES,TERRORIZER, METAL INVADER and countless other smaller 'zines. The year 2000 saw the band promoting it's brand new cd "CHRONIC RAGE DISORDER", an aggressive, modern piece of work, that still clings to many of it's thrash/hardcore/death metal roots. Like it's predecessor, it received postive reviews in many publications.

That year also saw the departure of original drummer, Mike Mazzonetto, only to return when his replacement, former Talonzfury/Control Denied drummer Chris Williams was killed in a tragic auto accident. Early 2002 saw the departure of longtime members Ken Andrews and Brian Benson, Founding members Bullock, Mazzonetto and guitarist John Sutton, recruited former FLO bassist Karen Fry and ,in 2003, went into AUDIOHAMMER studio with engineer JASON SUECOF . The result was an untitled 3-song demo of what the band considers some of it's heaviest,most memorable material to date.

The track "In Dim Light" from that demo also appears on LIFELESS RECORD'S "A TREASURY OF SORROWS" 2004 compilatiion cd. The band has also opened for a veritable who's who of heavy music including OBITUARY, DEATH, D.R.I., OVERKILL, SKINLAB, EXODUS, NAPALM DEATH, , SACRED REICH, ROB HALFORD,WASP , FLOTSAM and JETSAM, PRO-PAIN, STUCK MOJO,NEVERMORE,ANDREW W.K.,BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, DROWNING POOL,EXHUMED and others.

Now,stronger than ever in 2006,the 3 founding members have been joined by Andrew W.K. bassist, Gregg Roberts and are already making plans for a new recording and extensive gigging. Through the years Pain Principle has received much local praise, winning a 1995 Jam Magazine "Jammie Award" for Best Metal Band as well as the Band of the Year and Best Metal Release in the 2001 Orlando Metal Awards. Mazzonetto also won the BEST DRUMMER award in 2002. In a bizzare twist..many eyebrows have been raised at their music.

"We're always the odd band out", notes Bullock "When we're on the bill with metal bands they say we're too hardcore, and when we're on the bill with hardcore bands they say we're too metal!!" Go Figure!!

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