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Hail!Hornet Bio

Band members
Troy Medlin - Vox Dixie Dave - Bass Vince Burke - Guitar Erik Larson - Drums


A long running rumor of a band previously called Vagabond that came to light in the spring/ summer of 2006. Here's how it went - Troy asks Vince, Vince asks Erik, Troy asks Dixie, all say yes ! Vince gathers Riffs and lights off the MIG 100, Erik beats the Christ out of the drums and Dixie drinks bourbon and bitch-slaps the Fender 'P'...then we all drink bourbon ! Troy spits blood, we all drink more bourbon ! Get chased out of shed by hornets that Dixie pissed off... hence the name ...more bourbon. Mission accomplished ! **************Actions to Avoid************** * Disturbing a nest (including vibrations and loud noises) * Being within a few meters or yards of a nest * Disturbing a hornet within a few meters of a nest * Blocking the path of a hornet * Breathing on the nest or hornet * Rapid air movements * Killing a hornet, especially near a nest * Never pour gasoline or petroleum down a nest hole. This is extremely hazardous !

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