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Whitechapel Bio

Band members
Phil Bozeman- Vocals Alex Wade - Guitar Brandon Cagle - Guitar Ben Savage - Guitar Gabe Crisp - Bass Kevin Lane - Drums

death metal

Whitechapel was formed in February of 2006 by Phil Bozeman, Brandon Cagle, and Ben Savage. Shortly after the idea of the band was formed the remaining members Alex Wade, Gabe Crisp, and Derek Martin were added to the line up. Through out March of 2006 they wrote what would eventually become a six song demo released only on their Myspace site. The moment these tracks were released an overwhelming buzz about the band began to spread through out the U.S. and eventually over seas to Europe. Ever since then they have been turning heads, whether it be by word of mouth, online, or through their devastating live show. Their crushing sound quickly caught the attention of Jamie Graham, owner of Siege Of Amida Records based out of the U.K., and in November of 2006 Whitechapel inked a deal with the label for distribution in Europe through Siege Of Amida Records and distribution in the U.S. through Candlelight Records. November also brought forth the addition of a new member to the band, Kevin Lane was added to the line up and Whitechapel became an entirely new band. Kevin brought a new realm of professionalism and technicality to Whitechapel’s sound. With the line up of the band at its best and strongest it has ever been, and the upcoming release of their highly anticipated full length album entitled "The Somatic Defilement", there is nothing that can stop them now. Look for Whitechapel on tour all of 2007 in support of their debut album "The Somatic Defilement".

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