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Stuck Mojo Bio

Stuck Mojo
Band members
Rich Ward - guitar
Bonz - vocalist/lyricist
Bud Fontsere - drums
Dan Dryden - bass/backing vocals


STUCK MOJO is not a complex unit. From the inception of this hard-working, ball-busting southern-fried band from Atlanta, their main goal has been to do one thing, and one thing only; ROCK. That term itself has a different meaning for each person who interprets it, and when used in terms relating to music it seems to always have one accompanying word; HARD. In this current state of heavy music just before the light of a new millennium, there are few bands who can ROCK as HARD and on the same level as STUCK MOJO. Unlike most bands who are constantly jumping on the current rap-core trend, STUCK MOJO first and foremost appeal to and service the most important demographic of all--the common Rock n' Roll lover. Their rhythms are steadily overpowering (supplied by manic drummer Bud Fontsere and four-stringer Dan Dryden) and are complemented perfectly with the tasteful and nasty riffs of guitarist Rich Ward, one of the catchiest songwriters in the Heavy Music Business. And to top it all off, vocalist/lyricist/frontman Bonz is there to verbally abuse every bully, bigot, shit-talker and white-collar record exec along the way. STUCK MOJO will beat you down, call you names and help you back up for some more. Century Media's biggest selling band in the US, the MOJO groove exploded even before and upon the release of their Snappin' Necks debut in early 1995, and constant touring in both the US (including a ten-week trek with Machine Head) and later Europe called for the ‘96 import Violated EP, which featured a few new tracks and some humorous studio tomfoolery. Being the true workaholics that they are, STUCK MOJO entered Atlanta's 360 Studios in ‘96 with producer/engineer Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah) and the genius and multi-talented Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, Steve Vai) and walked out with one of the more potent and welcomed records of the year. Pigwalk ran circles around the metal competition, and allowed the band to stay on the road for most of 1997 with a variety of acts, including healthy stints with Type O Negative and Testament. 1998 saw the coming of STUCK MOJO's most diverse and shining moment thus far, Rising. Produced by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Testament, Earth Crisis), Rising features concussive rhythms, razor-sharp guitar mastery and the most vile vocal bantering around. The album solidified STUCK MOJO as a leader in the rock/metal field, and helped them retain their title of being the deadliest live band around. Once again the MOJO groove practically lived on the road in support of the album, hitting the States twice with the likes of Sevendust, Clutch, Skinlab, Nothingface and hed(pe), and also Europe for a host of festival appearances. Upon returning home at the end of 1998, it was time to give back a little to the fans that have been there for so long and have done so much for the band. The Masquerade in Atlanta has always been STUCK MOJO's home away from the road, and when the band decided to record a live album there was no question as to what venue it would take place at. A capacity crowd of 1,500 crammed its way into the Masquerade one night in the spring of ‘99, and one of STUCK MOJO's most exhausting live performances was captured. After handing over the tapes to Andy Sneap for some mixing (done in his own Backstage Studio in England), a total of 15 live tracks were secured and delivered for the HVY 1 release. Not completely satisfied, the band chose to also include two brand new studio tracks. "Reborn", quite possibly the catchiest STUCK MOJO song ever, features a brighter and less harassing sound for the band, while "My Will" is reminiscent of the heavier material on Rising. HVY 1 boasts 17 tracks in all, and even the most rabid and die-hard STUCK MOJO fan will have a hard time putting the new album down. As the boys prepare to hit the road once again (do these guys even keep addresses?) for a full US tour in September, it is clear that STUCK MOJO haven't lost any hunger or drive to satisfy their ever-increasing fan base, and HVY 1 will tie everyone over until the release of the band's next studio album in the spring of 2000...

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