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Orange Goblin Bio

Orange Goblin
Band members
Ben Ward - Vocals Joe Hoare - Guitar Martyn Millard - Bass Chris Turner - Drums

Doom Metal, Stoner Metal

Only the strong survive, as the saying goes.......... Orange Goblin are back in the saddle and not only are they surviving but they are winning and continue to uphold the traditions of great British heavy metal and forge forward. Having returned with their stunning new album Thieving from the House of God in 2004, which managed to encapsulate all of the unique traits that weve become so familiar with from their previous four albums, the Goblin are still riding high and celebrating 10 years of Rock N Roll debauchery and mayhem. From the psychedelic noodlings of Frequencies from Planet Ten to the greasy, biker groove of Time Travelling Blues, the crushing cosmic doom of The Big Black right through to the aggressive punk-metal fusion of Coup de Grace and the all out rock / metal majesty of Thieving. the Goblin have been there, seen it, drunk the place dry and continued to motor onward, freeing themselves from any stagnant pigeonhole that may be thrown their way. Over the last ten years, since their formation in the late night drinking holes of Londons Soho, the band have risen to the very pinnacle of what they do and played a major role in inspiring a whole crop of todays snotty upstarts such as Raging Speedhorn, Charger, Viking Skull, et al. The Goblin reputation as an awesome live band has seen them share the stage all over the world with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Danzig, Monster Magnet, Cathedral, Nebula, Unida, Dio and even an arena tour with the mighty Alice Cooper. Also no strangers to controversy the Orange Goblin live show brings back memories of classic metal clichs such as headbanging, unison hand-clapping and quite often out and out violence and chaos. Over the years Orange Goblin have gained great maturity, due, in part, to the gruelling touring schedule that saw them conquer firstly Europe, a few times, and then headline a hugely successful first U.S tour, alongside Alabama Thunderpussy, that saw them play sell out shows in New York, Chicago and the famous Troubadour in Los Angeles. August 2002 saw the departure of former rhythm guitarist Pete OMalley, who left the band to pursue a career in art. But, as the man said, what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger and with this in mind the band decided that, rather then look for a replacement, a stripped down approach would suit better. Time to play the ace in the hole: Joe Hoare - whose guitar playing has always been nothing short of spectacular, but, more than ever, has now become a vital part of the Goblin sound. Orange Goblin have never been afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves (or on the back of their studded-denim jackets in this case) and its evident on all their albums that they take elements of all that was great from the world of Rock n Roll over the last 30 years and inject it with the patent Goblin brand of booze sodden riffs and attitude. The band have always been lucky enough to work with their favourite producers in the studio, including Dave Chang, Scott Reeder of Kyuss fame and the master of all things heavy, Billy Anderson. Each of these have been able to get the best from Orange Goblin and captured the weight and ferocity of the live onslaught. In 2004 Orange Goblin embarked on their biggest headlining world tour to date and proved to be a raging success everywhere they went. Again there were packed out shows at world famous venues like CBGBs in New York and the band headlined the notorious Emissions From The Monolith festival in Youngstown, Ohio for the second time. Now, after celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a soldout show at the Underworld in London which received a 5K review in Kerrang!, the band are hitting the road in the UK before embarking on another US headline tour in May. European festivals are already being lined up for the summer and the band has re-charged the batteries ready to show the kids how it should be done! On fire? Driven? Too fucking right! Never has a band sounded so charged up. Saddle up, crack open a cold one and throw the horns for Orange Goblin!

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