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Chasing Victory
Band members
Adam - Vocals Mikey - Guitar Jeremy - Drums Chris - Guitar Crutch - Bass


We all have fiends living inside ouselves. Some are dormant and hibernating. Others are alive and viscious," states frontman Adam Harrell. It is in this spirit that Camilla, Georgia's Chasing Victory has overcome their inner demons to bring forth their sophomore effort, smashing sonic barriers and destroying scene obstacles. Originally labeled a screamo outfit with their heralded debut "I Call this Abandonment", "Fiends" is neither core nor just a futile exercise in fashion. This is an album that forges its own path, a path of classic rock influence and rock 'n roll pioneering. Heavy and bombastic without pretention, it is a dynamic balance of brutality and melody.

Relentless, yet tasteful, Fiends is a much-needed diversion from the glut of heavy music today. It is song-oriented without losing the band's signature riffs. This is the album that this band needed to make. Muse-like falsettoes meet STP-esque chorus lines, and the occasional gang vocal, and Harrells dirt-laden growls. The whole of the album is speedy, though diverse enough in tempo and guitar approach to avoid becoming stale.

Fiends is rich in imagery, as Harrell and company obviously devoted great effort to lyricism and concept. Each one-word song title is symbolic of a different vice/monster. "Most of the characters are battling with some kind of addiction, such as sex, drugs, alcohol, or even arrogance. We want to confront the deepest darkness in each of us and expose it for what it truly is: an enemy which has no power when brought into the light."

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