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As I Lay Dying Bio

As I Lay Dying
Band members
Evan White - guitar
Tim Lambesis - vocals
Jordan Mancino - drums
Noah Chase - bass


As I Lay Dying has been together for over three years. During that time they have survived a number of changes including a short breakup in 2000 when songwriter and vocalist Tim Lambesis left to join Texas-based Society's Finest. In short, the members went their own direction (Jon Jameson joined Noise Ratchet and Eli Bowser followed along to join Society's Finest). It only took four months for Tim to discover that his passion was in pursuing As I Lay Dying. Relocating back to San Diego, Tim gathered some of the city's great musicians to form the new and improved As I Lay Dying. Evan White came on board from Nothing to Lose, Jordan Mancino had recently left Edge of Mortality, and Noah Chase later joined before starting xXxFingerpointxXx. Through style changes and a dynamic improvement in songwriting their music began to develop a heavier, more creative, and emotional sound. Their debut on Pluto, "Beneath the Encasing of Ashes", was written in March of 2001. These guys definitely have their stuff together and are getting known for their passionately energetic live show. They have shared the stage with bands such as Zao, Stretch Armstrong, Papa Roach, No Innocent Victim, Born Blind, The Deadlines, Point of Recognition, The Deal, Figure Four, Officer Negative, Mower, Luti-Kriss, Spitfire, Dogwood, Pax217, Spoken and many, many others. With their strongest lineup to date, and a fiery passion to keep them going, the band will only get bigger and better from here.

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