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The Photo Atlas Bio

The Photo Atlas
Band members
Alan Andrews - Vocals/Guitar Bill Threlkeld III - Guitar Mark Hawkins - Bass Devon Shirley - Drums/Sampling


Paranoid, desperate and utterly danceable, the music of the Photo Atlas blends the angularity of Fugazi, the gut-punch of At The Drive-In and the relentless rump-shaking of the Rapture into a dangerously sexy dancefloor detonator. Guitarist Bill Threlkeld, bassist Mark Hawkins and guitarist/vocalist Alan Andrews bring their best twitchy hardcore while hyperkinetic drummer Devon Shirley moves the sound out under the disco balls and strobes with his irresistible, machine-like beats. In just over two years as a band, the Photo Atlas has captured the ears, eyes and imagination of area club owners as well as Morning After and Stolen Transmission Records. The past year has seen the group splashed all over college radio, playing packed clubs and receiving rave reviews while touring the US and playing high-profile gigs like 2006s SXSW. Do you think the Photo Atlas is about to stop? The name of the album says it all: No, Not Me, Never.

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