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Palehorse Bio

Band members
Vinny Zach Dave Joe


Palehorse took its first stride in the summer of 2003. Vincent Calandra, joined forces with long-time friend Dave LePage to give today's hardcore what it's missing; Hardcore. Palehorse released a demo 3 songs of furious wrath, including the heart stopping "May Day". The demo was simply titled 'And I looked'
By the time the demo was released, Palehorse had begun working with their contacts all over the Northeast.Palehorse hit the road with a vengeance, playing relentlessly, weekend after weekend, and city after city. Whether it was in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or Vermont, Palehorse went there. And they went there again, and then they went there again.Also now two us tours have been put under the horses belt.Hitting the rod with such acts as The Hoods.

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