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Triple Threat
Band members
Guitar: Ed McKirdy Bass: Tim Kriependorf Drums: Jason Jammer Vocals: Tim McMahon


Summer 2004: Orange County California Straight Edge Hardcore legends Insted had a three-date east coast romp in the works and invited long time friend Tim McMahon onto the New Jersey show bill to front whichever of his prior bands he chose (Mouthpiece, Hands Tied, Face The Enemy). “Any of your bands, we want you on the show singing” they told him. Quite a nice thing to hear for McMahon, who had caught Insted in his teenage years in '89 and '91 and no doubt had fond memories, especially those of Mouthpiece opening for O.C. based Insted at Trenton, New Jersey's City Gardens in 1991. Rounding up the Mouthpiece crew for a final reunion celebration would have not only been easy, but a sure-fire crowd pleaser involving minimal effort. However, the growing formulation of a new McMahon-fronted hardcore powerhouse with longtime compatriot Ed McKirdy (Hands Tied, The Killing Flame, Face The Enemy) on guitar duties had already been taking place. The subject of hours of discussion and analysis between the two already had a working name: Triple Threat.

The idea was simple and natural, yet its distinction laid within the details: straight edge hardcore rooted in the message and power of Minor Threat and Youth Of Today that also took a page out of bands whose sound McMahon and McKirdy had dissected through for years, though their influences were not reflected in any of their previous bands. First-class acts like Black Flag, SSD, The Germs, Motorhead, Corrosion of Conformity, Circle Jerks, Bl'ast! and Danzig were just a few bands whose contributions had rubbed off heavily on the conceptualization of this new McMahon/McKirdy unit. Triple Threat was born with a razor-sharp focus and a brand new direction.

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