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Call To Preserve Bio

Call To Preserve
Band members
John - Vocals Harbor - guitar Matt - Bass Mike - Drums James - manager/back up vocals


While the majority of heavy bands are turning to sex to sell their music (just turn on MTV2 or Fuse) there is still a thriving force in the underground that is standing pure from drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. While it might not get them video play on a major network, it will get them the respect of their peers and when’s the last time a booty shot on a video made someone want to change their life for the better?
Rising from the fertile hardcore grounds of Florida come a young band with passion, discipline and integrity to be a positive influence to anyone that they might encounter. Whether it’s sharing their beliefs and faith with someone or encouraging a drug free lifestyle, CALL TO PRESERVE are genuine, honest and real in both their music and message.

While many are quick to criticize many modern hardcore bands for not “re-inventing the wheel”, Call to Preserve are not afraid to play the music that they love and are influenced by. After all, hardcore has always been about more than music and Call To Preserve are here to be a voice of today’s youth and to lead, by example, down a straight path.

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