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Panic Bio

Band members
Gibby Miller - Vocals Damian Genuardi - Bass Jessee Van Diest - Drums Scott Peacock - Guitar Azy Relph - Guitar


In the year 2000, Boston gave birth to a Panic; an elusive, mysterious band that took a dark vocal imagery of bands like Joy Division and The Smiths and set it to furious hardcore like Slapshot and Negative Approach. Panic had formed from members of former street punk cult favorites The Trouble as well as members of American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost), In My Eyes and The Explosion. Panic was undoubtedly one of the fastest, angriest, and most volatile bands in the northeast.

Having released two EP’s on Bridge Nine Records during the early days of the label (Dying For It in 2001 and their Self-Titled EP in 2002), Panic ultimately helped solidify the already strong record label in the upper echelons of hardcore labels. Panic quickly took off in the local Boston scene and their popularity spread throughout the US, helping them land tours and shows alongside Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, Bane, and many, many more prominent hardcore bands. Also leading to Panic’s rising popularity was their appearances on seminal hardcore festivals like Hellfest, New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, and Boston’s Back to School Jam. In the early 2000’s, Panic was unstoppable.

Tragically, Panic saw their demise in 2002. For the first time, Bridge Nine Records is bringing you a retrospective on Panic, featuring the Dying For It and Self-Titled EP’s which have since been out of print, in addition to the original Panic demo and one never-before-released song. All of the classic original tracks have been re-mastered by studio guru Dave Gardner (The Hold Steady, Dillinger Four), bringing these songs and the band back to life with a new fire.

Strength In Solitude is not only a glimpse back into the past for Panic, but also a rebirth for the band. This collection of songs reinforces the mark that Panic made on the heavy music movement in the US and more prominently, the Northeast hardcore scene. Strength In Solitude is in stores now!

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