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Outbreak Bio

Band members
Ryan - Vocals Chuck - Guitar Chris - Guitar Joe - Bass Nate - Drums


In a day and age where working hard as a band means spending hours online asking people to be their “friends” instead of simple things like recording demos and touring, these simple yet crucial activities tend to fall to the side.

This is not the case with Outbreak.

Hailing from the once quiet state of Maine, Outbreak has never sat in complacency like other local bands do, patiently waiting for the right label to notice. With an average age hovering around twenty, Outbreak has already released two EP’s in addition to spending the last four years playing shows everywhere they could. The band has taken a very hands-on approach to their fate, booking their own tours, sending out demos, and eventually earning themselves a record deal with hardcore heavyweights Bridge Nine Records. “Being from such an isolated place like Maine was motivation enough to start booking our own tours and getting our band off the ground”, vocalist Ryan O’Connor said. "We started touring the US when I was about seventeen. We never imagined that so many kids would catch on, but the last few years have been crazy."

With sixteen hardcore punk songs lasting twenty minutes, there’s just enough time to give vocalist Ryan O’Connor a chance to scream “the world’s a leech and it’s bleeding me dry” before the band starts the next burst. Failure truly showcases Outbreak’s trademark fast, addicting, and genuinely pissed-off sound and is a defining release for the band. No one ever thought the scene would see the day where singing about being disenfranchised with this world would sound so refreshing and different, but Outbreak has done just that and created a venomous debut LP. Failure hits stores on July 11th, 2006.

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