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Killer, the
Band members
Bass- Jason Drums - Remis Guitar- Mark Guitar- Shane Vocals- Luke


Previous aural accomplishments need not be mentioned, but one gets the feeling when listening to “Better Judged…” that all past band involvement within the small—but forever loyal Chicago Hardcore scene have been nothing but auditions for The Killer. Chewing up and spitting out their previous lesser groups, getting a feeling of what sounds best, with who, when, and turning that ethereal effort into the physical record you hold.

Never heard of Midwest Hardcore? This is it. Overwhelming yet bearable, destructive yet groundbreaking, mature but with youthful exuberance, “Better Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six” is the kick in the ass that we've been looking for since someone decided that singing belonged in hardcore. There's no desire for radio airplay, no video to be shot, and the Warped Tour is out of the question. This is the real fucking deal.

Disillusionment with life brought into this world through music and unleashed upon anyone who dares to resist them, The Killer's “Better Judged By Twelve Than Carried By Six” is the updated blueprint for hardcore. In Simple terms take Blood For Blood, Tragedy, Merauder and get out of the way.

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