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Endstand Bio

Band members
Janne – vocals, Mika – guitar, Joel – bass, Tapio – guitar, Pekka – drums


Endstand has become one of the better known hardcore bands in Europe during their ten year existence. The road the band has taken hasn’t been the easest one, since their homeland Finland is far away from where then best markets are. The only way to get attention has been touring as much as possible and that’s what the boys have done – over ten European tours, one tour in Japan and several shows in Finland, over 500 shows altogether have made the band a really tight unit. The band started in early ’96 by four unemployed guys who needed some action in their lives. The boys practiced very hard, almost every day of the week, making songs and learning their instruments. Ever since their first show they have been considered as an entertaining and tight live-band, thanks to the hard working ethic and will to do their music seriously.
The band has done lots of releases on different labels in their past experimenting with bits from different styles of hardcore/punk. Some recordings have been more metallic, some more rock, but the basic sound has always been there and you could always tell it’s Endstand’s recording.
Endstand never really went after any trends, but kept on doing the music they wanted to do, even though it hasn’t always been the most fashionable style to go with. Strong guitar melodies and screaming vocals are two things that have always been there and have made the band’s sound very recognizable to some. When the line-up was added with the second guitarplayer in early
2002 the guitar melodies became even more crucial part Endstand.
Even though the band has been together 10 years now, the driving force for Endstand is still the will to create passionate and sincere music. Endstand is a group of friends who share the desire to make music, travel the world playing it and having fun when doing it.

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