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Calico System Bio

Calico System
Band members
Mark Owens Shawn Keith Rick Giordano Nick Schaflein Erik Ramsier


Calico System formed in the summer 1998 as a group of friends who wanted to play music that which adhered to no "rules." This being held true to the current day, the overly energetic quartet, hailing from the St. Louis area, take a variety of different elements from metal & hardcore and seamlessly fuse them with emo, groovecore, punk and various other genres, creating a sound that deftly defies the laws of musical implementation. Then, combining this with: rhythmically complex music, an amazing and entertaining live show, hard work, determination, and the maintaining of good attitudes towards everyone they come in contact with, one can see the basis for what Calico System is all about.

After solidifying their line-up 2 years ago, they have gone on to independently release two EP's. Their first selling over 2000 copies in less than a year, and in three weeks sold over 600 copies of their latest Love Will Kill All (released march 2003); Both with no formal distribution whatsoever. Also coinciding with Calico System's view that hard work and sweat are the only ways to accomplish your goals, they have successfully completed several independent tours. And to top things off, have gained supporting spots for such bands as: Hatebreed, Poison the Well, Open Hand, Hopesfall, Finger Eleven, Candiria, Sworn Enemy, Codeseven, Dredg, and many others.

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