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Aereogramme Bio

Band members
Iain Cook Martin Scott Craig B Campbell Mcneil


Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Aereogramme are true purveyors of challenging music. Constantly creating new soundscapes and tackling shades of light and dark like no other, Aereogramme are truly inspirational.
Aereogramme have toured the States, the UK and Europe, all with minimum label support, driven purely by their love and devotion for music. Hell, they even recorded parts of their 'Liver & Lungs EP' in their US tour van and motel rooms in between shows!

After a handful of EPs and two critically acclaimed albums, Undergroove is proud to welcome the Scottish quartet to the Undergroove family with the release of their new opus 'Seclusion'. Along with six brand new tracks - 'Seclusion' also sees the band realise their love for films with the addition of a feature film that is played twice on the CD with two separate musical scores.

Aereogramme are the future of music and they've even got the best beards in rock too.

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