heavy metal

Mynis Bio

Band members
Jason - bass
Robert - guitar
Thomas - vocals
Matty - drums


Spawned from the ashes of early Fresno bands is Mynis. This hard hitting, smoothly melodic heavy metal band has built a name throughout the Central Valley and continues to win over crowds and gain new fans all over California. Mynis is comprised of Robert Gonzalez on guitar, Matt Gonzales on drums, Jason Benham on bass, and Thomas Vlahavas on vocals. Mynis originally formed in 1998, but has been with its current lineup for more than seven months. Their friendship, combined with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed has pushed this Fresno quartet to new levels. The beautifully constructed guitar parts of Robert, combined with a solid bass and drum foundation from Jason and Matt, lay the perfect foundation for Thomas's unique velvety lyrics. When you take all the elements they combine in their music, from hardcore metal to blues and industrial rock, you get an undeniably unique sound. When you try to imagine the music of Mynis, picture yourself in a dark room filled with nothing but your personal thoughts, good or bad. Now take those thoughts and conjure up the mood that created them, whether it was peaceful or furious, then imagine putting all of that into music that communicates to other people, and that is the music of Mynis. Mynis is a band that could be classified in the hard rock/ heavy metal genre but those who have seen the band live, or have ever heard their music on CD or on the radio, will tell you that they are something more. Currently Mynis receives radio play from college radio stations including its hometown Fresno State University station 90.7 KFSR. They are also played on local Fresno stations such as 103.7 KRZR, and New Rock 104.1. With relentless gigging all over the state, it is safe to say that Mynis is one of the hardest working bands in the business. Their diligence has paid off and landed them spots on bills such as The Vans Warped Tour 2000, and the New Rock 104 Birthday Bash. They have shared the stage with acts such as Papa Roach, Spineshank, Weezer, Crazy Town, Green Day, Zebra Head, Snake River Conspiracy, and Pressure 4-5. Their completely energetic show goes nonstop from the second they step on stage to the second they get off, and anyone who has been to one of their shows will tell you that when they are on stage they own it. Mynis is also the king of self-promotion. Their second and very successful demo sold and distributed more than 3000 copies. Their use of Internet marketing combined with cool merchandise has given their fans more then just incredible music. Mynis is currently and has been on the charts at for more then six months, and their two web sites, and, receive hundreds of hits daily. They can also be found on other websites like where their songs have often been featured as track of the day. Mynis is also on , and . With no end in sight, and a uniquely refreshing musical style, Mynis is on their way to the top. With only their dreams to guide them, Mynis continues to deliver unforgettable live shows and a musical experience that is in a league of its own. "Let's bring it."

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