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The Moirai's music can best be described as a monologue. Each one of us, from the most strong to the meekest, has a quiet, internal voice. And with a whisper it can erode our self-certainty. It speaks in contradictions-intimating that our ideas about ourselves could be wrong. Yet we listen to it.

That voice is our collective weakness. But it also makes us human. We respond to it with rage, fear, sadness, depression, love, exhilaration, compassion, and resolve. The Moirai catches us in those contradictions; their songs are snapshots of real people coming to terms with insecurity, tragedy, and extraordinary circumstances. The music is dark, cathartic, sonic, melodic and dynamic.

The group is four members: Mark Wojcik [bass, vocals], Michael Jones [drums, keys, programming], Richard Stewart [guitar], and Brian Carley [vocals, guitar, keys]...the latter 3 from rising from the ashes of Penfold. Each member contributes to composing music. They live and rehearse in Northern New Jersey.

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