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Fugo was formed in december 2000, when Michael Rothen met the drummer Stefan Hell in Aarau. He went on by giving him his solo-demo "fit the measurements of a hypochondriac society".

Already after their first sessions the decision was clear: musically they would go common ways from this time on. Initially as a side project for Stefan ("Pub la Bomba", "Nordstan") and as a new main project for Michael who broke up with "crumb." months before. With the first self-produced demo A.) - F.)2001 they seeked out for the singer/bass player which could fit.

The lost property - named Roman Donzé - complemented and completed Fugo at the end of 2001. As a real rock trio Fugo created the two demos G.) - O.)2003 and P.) - T.)2004.

In 2004 Fugo began working together with the record label Engineer Records UK/USA, a well known underground based alternative label!

Also in 2004 Fugo got financial support from the Kuratorium Aargau and from the cultural department of the city Aarau. During january 2005 Fugo produced and recorded their debut in the studios of in Strengelbach.

The album - called "Aie" - gets released in june 2005 via Engineer Records UK/USA. For promotional work in Germany Fugo has the opportunity to work with

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