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Cohesion started in 2001 when they decided to record their first demo called "let the kidz have fun" and now almost sold out. Before 2001 they had a different name and a different bass player.

The band come from the middle of Italy (Pisa) and is composed by four guys: Giulio on druns, Valerio on bass guitar, Francesco on guitar and Alberto on vocals. After the self-release of their first demo they received good reviews and approciation and started to play around Italy.

The music played by Cohesion is difficult to describe. Someone define it Old-School HC and someoneelse talks of New-School, maybe becouse their influences come from both the styles and maybe also from other styles of music. Comparisons has been made with such bands as Stretch Arm Strong, Snapcase, Bane and others. But listening their music you won't be able to classify them or to put them into a genre.

With the new songs Cohesion developed a mature sound, the songs are always intense, sometimes there are fast parts, sometimes slower parts even with post-hc influenced odd meter. You can also hear tipical old-school backing vocals or some other more metal-core backing volcals almost in Shai Hulud way.

Lyrics are about personal issues as friendship, love and society.

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