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Dear Whoever Bio

Dear Whoever
Band members
Jason Garner: Guitar / Vocals Aiden Franklin: Guitar / Vocals Kenny Leake: Bass Aaron Smith:Keys, Samples Sam Snow: Percussions


The band was started in July 2003 from a few older projects. Working really hard together, playing alot of shows and building a following was the goal of most of the members of the band. In 2004, Dear Whoever experienced some member changes. This was a good change but the band still did not have the fullfillment that everyone needed to be able to succeed. In December 2004 singer Jake Richards was relieved of his position with the realization of starting a new project. The remaining members Jason Garner, Aiden Franklin, Kenny Leake and Sam Snow, formed together the sound they have created today which all of them have come to love and dedicate their lives to. In the short time DW has been together they have made a large impact on the North West and have supporters all over the world. Selling over 1000 copies within 3 months of the release of their first ep Sound the Trumpet, over 376,000 plays on, 163,000 plays and 8,000 plus friends on, and holding a top ten rank on smartpunk for sales ever since they released the cd. We now know that Dear Whoever is here to stay.

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