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Since The Day
Band members
Friedi - Guitar/Vocals Andi - Bass Daniel - Vocals Sebastian - Guitar Bastian - Drums


Germany’s SINCE THE DAY have been around since their split CD, “Things You Barely Know,” with Iceland’s Snafu in 2001. Since then the band has played countless shows all over their native land and elsewhere throughout Europe when completing a full European tour in the fall of 2003. They have undergone some line-up changes since then, but before recording their debut full length they solidified the group’s nucleus by adding former Absidia vocalist, Daniel, to the fold. They then headed into the famous Kohlekeller Studios (Crematory, Six Reasons To Kill & Agathodaimon) to record 9 new songs, which make up the content of their Tribunal Records debut, El Mensajero No Es Importante, (Translation: The messenger is not important) and are now ready to unleash their brutality across North America. Following in the footsteps of such popular German hardcore acts; Caliban, Deadsoil and Heaven Shall Burn, SINCE THE DAY plan to develop and maintain a lasting union with the North American hardcore audience. Their varied songwriting is a healthy blend of black and thrash metal fused with a politically fuelled hardcore aggressiveness. Their overall message only being enhanced by the solid production of Kristian Kohlmann-slehner, SINCE THE DAY are able to impressively forge ahead and successfully battle their way through the mire of the US hardcore scene. First it was Volkswagen and now hardcore. The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming!!

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