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Thousand Falling Skies Bio

Thousand Falling Skies
Band members
Pedro - Vocals Dave - Guitar J.P. - Guitar Kevin - Drums


A Thousand Falling Skies is a melodic metal band hailing from the small town of Naugatuck, Connecticut. ATFS was formed in April 2000 and still going strong to this day, despite all the hardships they've been through. As they've learned, it's not an easy task to get where they hope to be. As for A.T.F.S the struggles began shortly after the band formed, endless bass players, vehicle problems and neverending financial burdons seemed to plague the band. With a drive that seems to have no bounds all these obstacles have been overcome. The visions that A.T.F.S has and what they have achieved in such a short period of time is to be commended. For example, putting out their own E.P (selling over 2000 copies), Financing their first 2 tours (the 2nd being 3 months long). With all these accomplishments under their belt the next step is to be on a label thats going to work as hard for them as they do themselves.

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