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Jonbenet, the Bio

Jonbenet, the
Band members
Michael Murland - Vocals Dann Miller - Guitar Wil Spent - Bass Drew Ireland - Drums


The Jonbenét began in the sweltering Houston summer of 2003. The band released their first demo later that year, and following a lineup change, proceeded to release two self-released EPs in the summer of 2004 ("Five Stories Retold") and again in early 2005 (a split with The Kidnap Soundtrack). During all this time, the Jonbenét hit the road hard, traveling across the US and into Canada, building their fan base solely based on punk rock ethics and incredible word of mouth.

The band soon found support from Pluto Records, and plan to release "The Plot Thickens" in July. The 8-song release is a discography of sorts, combining remastered versions of both self-released EPs recorded in the past year.

The music of the Jonbenét consists of a blend of indie stylings, metallic urgencies, and a post-hardcore sense of delivery. Appealing to a vast array of listeners, they have comfortably shared the stage with a variety of bands such as The Red Chord, A Life Once Lost, Murder By Death, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, Breather Resist, Dead To Fall, Codeseven, Evergreen Terrace, Fear Before The March Of Flames, and many more.

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