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Methods Of Mayhem
Band members
Tommy Lee


Universal City, California, September 1, 1999 -
Methods of Mayhem has signed with MCA
Records, and will soon release their debut
album for the label. The band's self-titled debut
album features Tommy Lee on guitars, drums
and vocals, rapper TiLo, along with such guest
artists as MixMaster Mike (Beastie Boys), Fred
Durst (Limp Bizkit), Scott & Ken (Crystal
Method), U-God (Wu Tang), Lil' Kim, Snoop
Dog, George Clinton, Bobby B (Kottonmouth
Kings), and Kid Rock. Produced by Scott
Humphrey (White Zombie), Methods of
Mayhem is due to arrive in stores later this fall.
The debut single, "Get Naked" is set to ship in
October. The video of "Get Naked" was directed
by Chris Hafner (Tupac Shakur), and features
special guests Fred Durst, Lil' Kim, MixMaster
Mike, and George Clinton. The video will
premiere on MTV in early October.

Said Lee of the new album, "I set out to do a
solo record with TiLo (Tim Murray). We wrote
some tunes, and before we knew it, we were
getting calls from other artists that wanted to
collaborate. I never thought then that it would
morph into this huge thing that is now Methods
of Mayhem. Scott Humphrey and I are
somehow joined in energy and synchronicity,
constantly thinking what the other is thinking.
I'll be finished with the record very soon and
then start rehearsing the band for touring."

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