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Bouncing Souls Bio

Bouncing Souls
Band members
Greg Attonito Vocals Michael McDermott Drums Papillon Bass The Pete Guitars


We've all grown up together. Some came as confused kids; girl-crazy, bike-riding, beverage-drinking adolescent punx. We wrote songs about your mom, about our ramshackle overcrowded dwellings, about not having enough money to pay the rent. Then came the continuous touring years...on the road in an old van with all of our childhood heroes, new found comrades, each other, and our maturing (ahem) thoughts and emotions (and of course the maniacal laughter!). The songs got deeper, longer, stronger, harder, softer, and the Souls sound defined itself on those long rides, endless shows, and the exaggerated bits that happened in short bursts at home on the mighty and proud east coast. We migrated, by twos, by threes to the big city and the big stage. Love became something deeper and lasting, parties became gatherings instead of escapes, home became a feeling instead of mortar and wood, and the songs kept coming, saving us and holding out hands to people out there living parallel desires, heartaches, and trials. They came along with us, the army of hopeless romantics...they stayed by our sides, the true believers...and then they came along on our summer vacation lamenting lost loves, changed dreams, and alternate realities.

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