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Mabus has always had their sights stuck to a curiously vast pursuit of musical endeavors and manufacture. Ever since 2001 gave birth to Mabus, and after three years of shuffling through vagabond friends/guitarists, they have been conquering such desired goals. Late 2005 brought about huge changes for the Mabus music racketeers. For one they had just signed to Glacial records in the winter, all the while spear heading a tedious hunt for a new guitar super player. That spring rolled in, bearing not only budding romances and April shower flowers but also a brand new six string enthusiast by the name of Mike. He had hopped on board the Mabus mobile and readily became not only good company but an asset they couldn’t part with. The original members, drummer Pat, vocalist Shane, and bassist Matt, along with newbie Mike are all chin deep in their love for all things music. They share a diverse taste for the rock/pop/metal/jazz etc. that they enjoy, which shines through on their upcoming full lengthdue out on Glacial records, “Cheer’s, to Doomsday Gloom". After a summer of teaching and writing the album recorded at Sweet Spot studios in Washingtonville New York, they are planning to commit themselves to sharing their stylings with as many audiences as possible. Being kids that grew up in forgotten secluded towns off the Hudson River, killing time by making the most ghastly audacious metal they could conjure was a nice escape from throwing dead animals at cars, fishing, boredom, and converting powder coffee creamer into gigantic inferno balls(dry coffee creamer and a lighter=instant kablooey!). With years of listening to many artists ranging from Pantera to Candiria, Marilyn Manson, Deftones and Pink Floyd, to Converge and Glassjaw, their musics depth has certainly invented itself into a barbarous oddity shaped to secure all the various sounds it loves to indulge in. It is obvious that their music bears much resemblence to their innerds for the simple fact that when you see Mabus perform live it can only be compared to a romantic sci-fi comedy gone horribly wrong boarded up in a bomb shelter made of silly string and rare elephant hide, all the while everyone shakes like Terrets ridden mothers in the cereal aisle at Grand Union. Pure excitement rains down at Mabus shows as if the fireworks couldnt be saved for the victory party. When asked what exactly is… Mabus, one might say they are, “a triumphantly glum jazz metal beast, bent on revitalizing all that is lost and ill-hearted in alot of today’s music.” On the other hand they might simply say Mabus is, “a technically charming death metal machine flooding the floors of a steady jazz lounge." Either way it is a one way ticket to the depravities of human longing for bewilderment, laughter, and suspense. Before “Cheer’s, to Doomsday Gloom”, they had self released two demos which made their way out to a modest amount of ears far and wide. Touring throughout the summer of 2004 along the eastern coast of America and a good portion of its breadbasket states really laid down a firm following. Now with the undeniable help of Glacial Records, Mabus hopes to seize as many devoted crowds as it can reach. “Cheer’s to Doomsday Gloom”, will hurl itself into distribution fall of 2005, along with it ,many shows and wild adventures will ensue for the Mabus mobile. Scouring towns, cities, dumps, districts,wrong side of railroads and valleys anywhere with the will to strive in an unstoppable forward roll, devouring all that stand in its way. Look out!

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