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Loftus Bio

Band members
Travis Cheny - Guitar Stefen Edmunds - Guitar Davis Miller - Vocals Steve Ditchkus - Bass Casey Rasile - Drums


Contemporary music has lost the drive and emotion that once made it more then just sounds but an instrument to aid the ear and mind, and to break borders and perceptions. In a world so corrupt with commercialism few bands have what it it takes to be daring, bold and different, to express themselves and their ideas freely with blatant disregard for the consequences yet Loftus seems to strive for the unordinary and continues to impress with their unique and inspired music constantly pushing themselves to always bring the most honest music possible to the listener

Caught somewhere between harmony and chaos is the sound of Loftus easily turning from an organized cacophony to beautiful soaring melody in moments the band lays down the soundtrack for drug induced bliss and belligerent fun never boring or losing interest but keeping the listeners head running in circles or screaming right along. Loftus prides themselves on being a band that anyone can like but that definitely not everyone will be in to with their shatteringly fast grinding pulses ,cathartic sludgery , and provocative lyrics Loftus is a band that sounds like nothing else in their home area of southern California and would like nothing more then to take their wholely different approach of the state of hardcore/grind/acid rock to the masses.

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