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Chariot, the Bio

Chariot, the
Band members
Josh Scogin - Vocals Keller Harbin - Guitar Jeff Carter - Drums Josh Beiser - Bass Tony Medina - Guitar


Mention Furnace Fest 2002 to any die-hard Norma Jean fan, and they’ll recall the event with no hesitation. The band, in the midst of releasing their critically acclaimed masterpiece, “Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child,” seemed to be at the peak of their game. There was a real sense of anticipation in the air, not questioning the band’s success, but instead attempting to fathom how enormous that success would obviously become. It seemed nothing could go wrong for the group in those moments as they walked on to the stage accompanied with a flurry of elated cheers. As the energetic set came to a close though, beloved frontman Josh Scogin made an announcement that would not only shock the audience, but stun his bandmates as well

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