heavy metal

Lifeduzt Bio

Band members
life - guitar, drums, vocals
duzt - bass, guitar, vocals


lifeduzt - a two-man band formed in late 2000, this combo springs forth from the ashes of reprobate, one of the hardest-hitting local bands to have landed on the Omaha music scene. Though primarily rooted in harder-edged music, lifeduzt's determination and versatility has allowed them to break into any style of music they choose - with influences ranging from N.W.A and FAR to Every Day Life (EDL) and pantera, and a set that can easily range from a blaring aural assault to a sweet acoustical jam, lifeduzt has knocked down all barriers and knows no limitations.

lifeduzt has also recently taken on the role of producer/engineer, opening up their own recording studio. They are currently in the process of self-recording what may end up as a triple-album debut, to be released in early 2002.

lifeduzt is a DIY band that makes it impossible to listen to just one song. With the freedom to create what they want, when they want, the possibilities are endless...what lifeduzt has done and written in under a year since their formation is nothing in comparison to what they will do in the years to come. Timed, original, straightforward, honest, keeping it simple, while learning from experience, are characteristics that embody all the music written by lifeduzt, as they continue to build upon what they have started and to continue growing as musicians.

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