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Band members
PÃ¥l Pot Pamparius Chris Summers Euroboy Happy Hank Von Helvete


"Most rock’n’roll bands start as a riot but end up as a parody. We started up as a parody but ended up as a revolution” - Happy-Tom, 2005.

It’s been a long time coming since Turbonegro started shaking up the punk scene in Oslo in the late 80’s. With the release of legendary punk albums like Ass Cobra, Apocalypse Dudes and the more recent Scandinavian Leather, Turbonegro have firmly cemented themselves as legends...and no one’s had to die, not yet anyway.

Now its 2005, and Turbonegro must be called the worlds biggest underground rock band. Get ready for the best rock album you’ll ever fall in love with: the dark, beautiful, catchy and dangerous punk rock epic that is Party Animals.

While Scandinavian Leather was recorded at their own studio in Oslo, Turbonegro decided to bring in Steve McDonald as co-producer for Party Animals. McDonald played bass and sang in the California band Redd Kross from the age of 11, a band transformed from being an archetypical L.A.-punk band to taking in influences from the glam and stadium rock of the seventies, not unlike what Turbonegro has done through their career. In recent years McDonald has worked with artists such as Beck and The White Stripes.

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