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Radiation 4 Bio

Radiation 4
Band members
Chris Negrete (vocals) Jon Windham (guitar) Jose Escobar (bass) Aaron Windham (drums)


With an aching and yearning to break free from the normal confines of hardcore and metal, RADIATION 4 was born, a band bent on raising the bar both creatively and aggressively as evident on their debut album, Wonderland. To those in the hardcore/metal underground: prepare for a breath of fresh air…

The Los Angeles-based quartet formed in the spring of 2001 in Diamond Bar, California with its core members, Chris Negrete (vocals), Jon Windham (guitar), Jose Escobar (bass) and Aaron Windham (drums), all prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve their collective musical aspirations. In October 2001, the band produced and released 1,000 copies of their self-titled EP, which eventually drew the attention of Abacus Recordings, who quickly signed the band. Drawing comparisons to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle, Botch and Fantomas, among others, it’s no question that RADIATION 4’s debut will turn heads in all scenes while earning themselves legions of fans in the process. “I could never understand how bands just play the same thing time after time,” says Negrete. “They don't really set themselves apart from anyone. Our goal is to get everyone excited about something new.”

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